Nritya Saagaram means 'Ocean of Dance' in Sanskrit. It is with this spirit of offering dance to the Divine that the school began in 1991. Since her humble beginnings, Satya Pradeep has personally trained several students in this rigorous art form with 50 of them 'graduating' and performing their dance debut or Arangetram. The teaching follows much in the pattern of the 'Guru-Shishya' tradition of yore.


The students are not mere enrollees in the school but develop a personal relationship with their teacher over the years, learning many intricacies of the dance form, performance techniques and cultural awareness. Through her school, Satya has helped build artistic sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of cultural traditions in the community. Her students also acquired physical and mental discipline, strength of character and personalities that have held them in good stead through their high school, college and working careers.